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School Drop-off & Pick-up Procedures

School Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

Map of Morning Drop off traffic flow.


“DROP OFF ZONE”-8:15-8:30 every school day

Staff & Parent Volunteers will work to help students safely exit vehicles and keep traffic moving

How it works:

1.  Vehicles enter Drop Off Zone from the West (Woodruff Avenue)

2.  Drive between cones and the curb

3.  Students unload closest to curb (NOT into the street)

4.  Vehicle proceeds forward to exit and next vehicle in line pulls forward

The rules:

No parking/unattended vehicles in Drop Off Zone

NO U-TURNS to enter the Drop Off Zone, enter from Woodruff side instead

NO DOUBLE PARKING anywhere in front of the school

Please do not encourage students to exit the vehicle alone outside of the Drop Off Zone


We strongly encourage students to have an adult escort across Palm St. 

Please do not cross in front of or between cars in the Drop Off Zone.

If you cannot park and safely escort the student in, please consider using the Drop Off Zone instead.


Please leave these areas open for our wonderful Las Flores teachers and staff.

Afternoon Pick-Up

T-Th: 2:50-3:00

F: 11:30-11:40

**T/W/TH/F: GRADES 5-8, PLUS YOUNGER SIBLINGS of 5-8 graders, will be released from the FRONT GATE near cafeteria**

**T/W/TH/F: GRADES K-4 and 9-12 (and their younger siblings), pick up students from BACK GATE on Beach St.**